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At Dierenhotel ’t Gooi we pay close attention to the health of all our guests (and our staff!) so we only take in pets that have been fully vaccinated. The vaccinations must have been administered longer than 14 days before the start of the stay.


  • When you bring your animal, you are legally obliged to submit a vaccination book or animal passport specifying the vaccinations of your animal.
  • If the vaccination cover of your pet expires during his/her stay in Dierenhotel ’t Gooi, we cannot accept your pet. Please pay attention to this aspect when planning your vacation.

Mandatory vaccinations for dogs

  • Cocktail vaccination
  • Extra vaccination against kennel cough administered by the nose drop method.

Make sure that the cocktail vaccination cover is valid for the entire duration of your dog’s stay.

We only accept the nose drop vaccination against kennel cough (Nobivac KC or Bronchi Shield).

Mandatory vaccinations for cats

  • Feline panleukopenia virus
  • Cat flu

The vaccination against cat flu is valid for six months. Please take this into account when planning your holiday.

Note: We do not allow uncastrated tomcats in our pet hotel.