During the stay we like to give your dog extra care by brushing or washing or trimming treatment.

The trimming treatments are in the hands of our certified groomer Donna Dekker. The dogs are trimmed according to their breed (as far as possible and according to your wishes).

Our groomer has experience with many different dog breeds. For example: labradoodles, golden doodles, poodles, English cocker spaniels, boomers, yorkies, westies, keeshond dogs, labradors, golden retrievers and flatcoated retrievers.

Let your puppy get used to it

To get your puppy used to being trimmed from a young age, it is good to come have a look early on (from the age of three months). Cutting the hair above the eyes and on the paws and cuddling and eating a dog biscuit make such a visit a pleasant experience for puppies. They will then look forward to the next time.

Your puppy is welcome to come for free up to the age of five months.

Shedding hair a problem?

Do you have a dog that doesn’t need to be kept trimmed, but does shed a lot of hair? Then we have the right treatment for you.

More information?

Call Donna for more information or an appointment: 06-27 52 96 35.