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We feed the dogs Canex chunks and Carnibest fresh meat. These products can also be purchased from us. The cats are given Hobby First Feline.

Does your dog or cat have a special diet? Please feel free to bring it along with your pet. Or if your animal prefers eating what you have at home, you are welcome to bring some with you.

Own (diet) food?

Pack the food in a sealed container. Label it with:

  1. Your animal’s name
  2. Your surname
  3. The dosage: how much food and the number of times per day that your animal expects to be fed.


During their stay we of course make sure that your dog or cat is given his or her medicines. You can bring the medicines along to give to us when dropping your pet off.


At Dierenhotel ’t Gooi we pay close attention to the health of all our guests (and our staff!) so we only take in pets that have been fully vaccinated. The vaccinations must have been administered longer than 14 days before the start of the stay.


During the stay we like to give your dog extra care by brushing or washing or trimming treatment.

The trimming treatments are in the hands of our certified groomer Donna Dekker. The dogs are trimmed according to their breed (as far as possible and according to your wishes).