Our rates are listed below. They apply to dogs and cats per animal per day. For rodents and birds we calculate per cage per day. We charge for both the day of bringing and the day of collecting.

* In the high season we place several dogs in each kennel. After consultation, animals can be placed separately.

Our rates include VAT but exclude emergency veterinarian fees and/or other expenses for the welfare of your animal.

Download our pricelist here.

Rates 2020

 Normal ratesPeak season
July 1 to August 31 & all school holidays
effective the Friday before the holidays start
and it ends on Monday when the schools start again.
The central, north and south regions are considered high season.
Small dog€ 15.00€ 17.00
Medium-sized dog€ 16.00€ 18.00
Large dog€ 17.00€ 19.00
Cats€ 12.00€ 14.00
Rodents & birds€ 7.50€ 7.50
Day care€ 11.00€ 11.00
Fresh meat diet
surcharge per day
€ 2.00€ 2.00


When do we give a discount?

  • For a stay of at least 14 (consecutive) days or longer and advance payment of the entire invoice sum, you will receive a maximum of one pet hotel day free of charge.
  • For a stay of two or more pets (dogs & cats) from one owner, we give a 5% discount on the set pet hotel price.
  • Dogs and cats from the age of 9 years receive a seniors’ discount. Dogs: 1 euro per day, and cats, 0.50 euro.

Reserving online

Would you like to reserve directly online? Here is the reservation form.
Do you prefer calling? Our telephone number is 035 – 538 99 99

More information about the payment and cancellation terms is available here.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, stating the entire sum owed.

In the period from June 1 to September 1, we request a down payment amounting to 30% of the total sum for each reservation. This down payment can be paid by bank transfer, online direct debit or at the counter during opening hours.

Your reservation becomes definitive after we have received your down payment and a signed copy of the e-mail confirmation via e-mail or post.

If you collect your pet earlier than planned, we do not refund any money.

Bank account number
IBAN: NL83 RABO 0156 5365 79
Holder: Dierenhotel ’t Gooi te Eemnes

VAT-ID number
NL 174615668B01

CoC number


The obligation to pay when cancelling

  • 75% of the total invoice amount when cancelling within 14 days before the start of the pet hotel stay.
  • 30% of the total invoice amount when cancelling within 1 month before the start of the pet hotel stay.

You receive your down payment back if:

Your pet dies (veterinarian’s certificate)
Death in your family of someone in the first degree.

Note: if you do not cancel and do not turn up on the agreed date, you are still obliged to pay. Therefore, please remember to cancel in time if you are not bringing your pet(s).